Life with epilepsy

Contrary to popular belief that a person with epilepsy will have to limit himself in many ways, that many roads in front of him are closed, life with epilepsy is not so strict. The patient, his relatives and others need to remember that in most cases they do not even need a disability registration. The guarantee of a full-fledged life without restrictions is the regular uninterrupted reception of the medications chosen by the doctor. The drug-protected brain becomes less susceptible to provoking effects. Therefore, the patient can lead an active lifestyle, work (including at the computer), engage in fitness, watch TV, fly on airplanes and much more.

But there are a number of classes that are essentially a “red rag” for the brain in a patient with epilepsy. Such actions should be limited:

  • Car driving;
  • Work with automated mechanisms;
  • Swimming in open water, swimming in the pool unattended;
  • Self-cancel or skip the reception of tablets.


And also there are factors that can cause an epileptic attack even in a healthy person, and they too must be feared:

  • Lack of sleep, work in the night shifts, daily mode of work.
  • Chronic use or abuse of alcohol and drugs